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Suncycle Environment Technology Co.,Ltd is established through investment from Xi’an SunResin New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: SZ 300487) in 2019.

Since 2019, Suncycle Environment has been growing to become a well recognized manufacturer of cation resin, anion resin and specialty adsorbent resin.


Suncycle as the main product manufacturer of SunResin(Stock Code: SZ 300487) ,we strictly follow Sunresin’s production requirements and standards,manage and control each process of producing, Strive to produce and deliver the best product to customers. SunResin as the top one resin brand of China, there quality standard is higher than anyothers, so we will follow this high standard and technology to serve other customer well, let all the customers could enjoy the best quality and cost-effective products.

Customer Service

We support our customers by providing consultancy, full Laboratory services, process OEM and development, fully after-sale management.

We would serve all the customers at the same level, deliver the best and cost products to them,no matter what quantity you need, we all would love to show the best before and after sale service.

we believe “The client’s desire is the low


The use of ion exchange resin in the water treatment industry accounts for about 90% of its total market applications. Its largest user is pure water treatment in thermal power plants, followed by atomic energy, semiconductors, electronics industries, etc. Its role is to Removal of various anions and cations in water.
Adsorption can be used for desalination, decolorization, separation, refining, etc. Its application fields include water treatment, food processing, medicine and health, environmental protection, etc. It penetrates into all aspects of industrial production and plays an important role in the development of modern industry.

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